Experience worth more than Marks & Grade !


It was an average presentation but you have improved a lot, I am happy about it“, said our Module leader about our group presentation. We were very happy for our improvement but still it was just an average presentation. I am not sure which grade me and my other group member will get but I am really happy with our improvement and with the team for their courage and spirits for the presentation.

I believe experience is worth more than Marks or any grades. I never cared about marks and grades, all I cared was about  my improvement . I always had a question “Have I made it better than before ? “

We designed our presentation slides in Open Office ( Libre Impress) which is a tough platform to make an interactive slides and presentation but still we tried our best and  finally made some interactive slides with Impress, still it was not the best compared to others with other presentation but I am happy that we learned to create some interaction with Libre Impress. My current learning couldn’t help me with my college presentation for getting  good grades but I am sure that it will be a good assets in my future.

I am really thankful for our module leader. Without him, me and my group wouldn’t have come this far with improvement. I am really thankful to him for guiding us though our skills and forcing us to improve each and everyday.

Thank You Sir, it was a great time  learning from you. 


Harvey Specter
Posted at 8:54 am January 19, 2015

Oh Ye !

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