Sublist3r with JS – Saves your Time

Sublist3r is a python tool that is designed to enumerate sub domains of website through OSINT. It helps penetration testers and bug hunters collect and gather subdomains for the domain they are targeting. Sublist3r enumerates sub domains using many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and Ask. Sublist3r also enumerates subdomains using Netcraft, Virustotal, ThreatCrowd, DNSdumpster and ReverseDNS.

How To Verify Facebook Page Or Account

Almost every social media platform introduce their verification process. Which means verify page is real page or account of that person or business. As a normal Facebook user we all create account or page with our name. It is also possible to create multiple account on same name. Their are number of same name pages or account for any celebrity, public figure or business. So Facebook take serious step to make clear that which one is official. This verification represents that the page or account your are visiting is official.

Advantages of Being Single

You walk in the road, see couples having their nice time everywhere you go, and you ask yourself why you are single?When you end-up with a lonely heart, you become miserable and hopeless. (Increase of the persons in a recent broken relations) The miserable life starts ? Now I Don’t have any reasons to live ? Ever thought how you survived till now ? Instead, why don’t you think of what you just achieved and gained after the heart-breaking incident ?

27 Things To Do Before You Settle Down

Life is a always beautiful than you have ever thought. Life is all about creating & living yourself. You can say life is a freedom. You are the king of your own. Do what ever you life and go wherever you want.

Life is always beautiful but still there are some major turning points in which you have to move according to it but still BuzzFeed has made a video with a list of the things which you should do befoer you settle down. And settling down is a life changing process of a human being. 😀

ProtonMail Vulnerability : Bypassing Invitation

ProtonMail is a secure encrypted email provider, which runs a “zero access” PGP mail service based in Switzerland. (Read More)

Since, ProtonMail doesn’t allow direct signup and they only accept the user through the invitation.
I had also signed up for ProtonMail to see the UI and all the things & go their invitation. I checked for some vulnerabilities and couldn’t find anything from the inside. Then I suddenly went through the invitation link which I was registered.

EPL Prediction System

It was just a random idea that came on my mind and I just randomly told to one of my friend Aditya about making this prediction platform for other user. I was not sure about this but this guy was pretty excited with this idea and was ready to work on as he was a die hard soccer fan & “Arsenal” fan so I found a partner and the job was to be easy for both of us.

We both have worked on this prediction platform. We have used WordPress & few sports plugins to build up this prediction system. We have made a huge modification on this WordPress & Plugins to make it look better and attractive.

Yep, another beautiful & romantic song by Addit Shrestha & W.A.G. It’s really amazing track by these young and talented boys. Hope to see another beautiful number in coming future for now check out their beautiful song.

Another Beautiful & Romantic Nepali Song

Yep, another beautiful & romantic song by Addit Shrestha & W.A.G. It’s really amazing track by these young and talented boys. Hope to see another beautiful number in coming future for now check out their beautiful song.

Success & Dream

Sunday March 2 (2014) , its about 1 am midnight. I am still awake and thinking about what i am gonna be in future. I am thinking how my life gonna be after 5-10 year. Will i be able to live a happy and independent life ? Viewed some of the successful entrepreneur’s profile. And whenever i see them a thought runs through my mind “Will i make it ?” because I also want to live life of successful people and YES I TOO CAN.

I know life is complex and success is really hard to achieve. I know i have to work harder and i am doing it . But whenever i look at those entrepreneurs profiles and just ask myself …….” am i working harder enough ? Am i going good ? ” I know those successful people didn’t have a happy journey.
I know they passed thought complicated time they are now what they deserve. I really respect those hardworking people. I actually respect every people.

I want to be a successful person and want to achieve my dream and make it real. I got some big dream. I am working hard to make it real and make it possible. I know its really hard to achieve but possible if i work harder and harder.

Time is not the same for us. Everyone has to pass thought different time in order to understand the life.
In life, we pass thought many difficulties but they all are making us stronger and stronger , they are providing life lesson to us . Never ever leave your dream or never let anyone to smash your dream. It’s your dream….YOU CAN DO IT !

( Update : ( 24th Jan, 2016 ), an old post, probably a 2 year old now. No any grammar experts here. )

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