Accessing Deleted Paste from Pastebin !

I was on reading some news on THN and suddenly come across the news of “Revenge for Pirate bay” and while reading, I found a Pastebin link which contain the leaked username and password of the Swedish police (  but pastebin has removed the link. But I have found a new way of accessing the deleted paste from Pastebin with the help of Google Cache.


So Here,

If you open the deleted paste link directly then :



So, here’s the trick. If you want to access any deleted pastebin paste then you have to type[DELETED PASTE ID]  

So let’s access the deleted paste from the pastebin  then :



I have even created a paste on pastebin and deleted it ASP ( Around 20 Sec difference ) but still it really work. Try it !

I even reported the issue to the pastebin but they said : “We are aware of this. Google takes longer to update the cache. We issue a 404 header, so google knows to update it asap.”


Here’s the video :


Harvey Specter
Posted at 7:49 pm December 28, 2014

Good job Naresh 😉

Harvey Specter
Posted at 8:56 pm December 28, 2014

This will happen for most of the websites, and will work in chrome browser only.
Also even if google removes it from its cache, there is a high probability that it will be present in the waybackmachine

Harvey Specter
Posted at 1:49 am December 29, 2014
Mohit Kumar

(y) Cheers..

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