EPL Prediction System

It was just a random idea that came on my mind and I just randomly told to one of my friend Aditya about making this prediction platform for other user. I was not sure about this but this guy was pretty excited with this idea and was ready to work on as he was a die hard soccer fan & “Arsenal” fan so I found a partner and the job was to be easy for both of us.

We both have worked on this prediction platform. We have used WordPress & few sports plugins to build up this prediction system. We have made a huge modification on this WordPress & Plugins to make it look better and attractive.

After working for week it’s finally live now and we are busy on doing some marketing stuff. Prediction has to be made but still we have a small prize for the winners but as the userbase increases we will increase the prize for the winner also. 🙂 We have a big plans for the prize and for site. 🙂 As I believe the site has error and still lot of improvement has to be made.

It’s live now http://eplnepal.com

Predict & Win


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