Freedom Of My Life

Yes, I have been there, i know how it feels when your all FREEDOM, humans rights are snatched and you are treated as an animals. That place was hell. You are not treated as a human there. I have been there. Wherever i think about it , its creates a fear on me. I never ever thought that i will be there and facing all that problems. I was hurted , i was broken , i was tourchered , i was weak , i forgot to smile , i forgot the faces of people,i forgot to type, i forgot to laugh , i forgot the tones of my favorite songs . You don’t know , i have been through unbelievable situation of life which i never ever imagined. I came to know the true meaning of life, family , friends, friendship , relatives, money , power, status.

Today is Baisak 8th , 2071 . A year ago on the same day i got my all FREEDOM back , today the day is very special for me. Year ago , on the same day I was able to fell the fresh air again , live independently , travel independently , hear the sounds of music,people , vehicles again. Even thought spending 2 month there was like spending 2 years for me. Being on those situation, i have learned a life changing lessons. I came to know the true meaning of life, family , friends , friendship, relatives, money , power, social status.

Freedom , i know how is life with it and without it. All the living being should have freedom of living their own life. Respect everyone’s freedom.


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